Emulsion Task Force (ETF)

What is the Emulsion Task Force (ETF)?

Originally started in 2008 under FHWA, and since 2015 operating under the umbrella of AASHTO Transportation System Preservation-Technical Services Program (TSP·2), the ETF includes representation from Academia, Industry, Industry Organizations, and State & Local Agencies. The purpose of the ETF is to “Advance changes in emulsion technology and encourage state DOTs and local agencies to incorporate them into their pavement preservation programs.”

Goals of the ETF:

  • Develop AASHTO Standards for all Emulsion Treatments
  • Advance the Development of Performance Based Specifications for Emulsion Binders (EAPG).
  • Develop Quality Assurance Standards for all Emulsion Treatments
  • Develop Research Problem Statements for Asphalt Emulsions

ETF Tasks:

Focusing on the emulsion treatments of Fog Seals, Chip Seals, and Microsurfacing, the ETF’s tasks include the development of the following documents (examples shown at right):

  • Design Guides
  • Material Specifications
  • Construction Guide Specifications
  • Construction Guidelines

Next Steps in Assisting Agencies:

With the above documents now created, the ETF is moving into the implementation phase, including:

  • Establishing a Reference Library on the TSP-2
  • WebsiteCurrently Available at www.tsp2-etf.org
  • Providing In-Person or Virtual Training to Agencies
  • Assisting with Specification Adoption
  • Facilitating Treatment Demonstrations or Full Projects

Recent Meetings

[2024-05-30] Indianapolis, Indiana [2023-12-12] Indianapolis, Indiana [2023-06-29] Indianapolis, Indiana [2022-11-30] Indianapolis, Indiana